Rivier University Athletics Hall of Fame

The Rivier University Athletics Hall of Fame was started in 1999 to honor the Faculty, Staff and Athletes whom not contributed great feats on the playing surface but also were invaulable assests to the growth of the department. 

Hall of Fame Members (Click on Name for more information)

  • Sister Sylvia Trottier, p.m. '43 (Director of Athletics)
  • Maureen McCarthy Jankins '84 (Field Hockey and Women's Basketball)
  • Aaron Dufoe '97 (Men's Soccer and Men's Basketball)
  • Sabrina Madeline Payeur '98 (Women's Basketball, Softball and Women's Cross Country)
  • Jim Domoracki (Associate A.D., Head Coach - Men's Basketball, Softball, Golf and Cross Country, 1991-1998)
  • Donna Ferrie '87 (Women's Basketball and Softball)
  • Dave Hogan (Head Coach - Softball, 1987-2000)
  • 1997 Men's Soccer Team
  • Don Ferguson '00 (Men's Volleyball and Men's Soccer)
  • Kristen Hoffman '05 (Women's Volleyball, Softball and Women's Cross Country)
  • Bobbie Bagley '97 | '14G (Women's Soccer)
  • Jeff Carpenter '08 (Men's Basketball)
  • Debroah Vander-Heyden Maloney '85 (Field Hockey, Women's Basketball)
  • Nicole Summers Walters '94 | '02 G (Women's Volleyball, Softball)
  • 2006 Men's Volleyball Team

If you would like to nominate someone to the Rivier Unvieristy Athletics Hall of Fame, please download and fill out the ballot and send it to our current Athletic Director, Joanne Merrill. 

Rivier University Athletics Hall of Fame Ballot

Deadline for the next Hall of Fame Nominations are TBA

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Joanne Merrill
Rivier University Athletics
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