Rivier Raiders Athletic Challenge!!!

Rivier Raiders Athletic Challenge!!!

We need your support to transform the locker room facilities at Rivier!

When we talk to former Rivier student athletes, do you know what they remember most about their athletic experience? It's not the wins and losses...it is the time spent with teammates in the locker rooms before and after the games. The locker room has always been a special places for athletes, providing a venue to connect with teammates and coaches.

We need your help to transform our locker rooms to ensure they are a place where our current and future students will have those special team moments that we know are so important to athletic success. We have set a goal to raise $24,000 from alumni, parents, and friends, allowing us to install wood lockers which will transform and organize the space. Together with the support of the business community through our annual Golf Classic tournaments, your support will help fund the installation of new lockers this summer to be ready for our fall 2017 season.

The Challenge: We've put in place a challenge between our 12 men's and women's athletic teams. Each of our teams has a $2,000 team fundraising goal. To support the fundraising goal of one of our athletic teams, make your donation by choosing a team page from the 'Fundraisers and Teams' section. The top three teams with the highest fundraising totals will win our first, second, and third place awards and will receive recognition with their team name displayed on nameplates on lockers.

Individual Recognition Levels: With a gift of $500, we will engrave your name on a nameplate on one locker.

The fact that you visited this page, shows that you are an important member of Riv Nation. Please demonstrate your Raider pride by making a donation today!

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